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Committees, Groups and Ministries

No.CommunitiesCoordinators/LeadersE-mail Addresses
1Alpha (In the Catholic Context)Anthony Lim
Michelle Linggi
[email protected]
[email protected]
2Apostolate of Divine MercyHenry Liew(Jenny Lim) [email protected]
3Boys' BrigadeAnna Liew[email protected]
4Biblical ApostolateRIchard Wong[email protected]
5Catholic Women's LeagueAnita Tunggolou[email protected]
6Christian Family Life (BM)Anthony Makinjal[email protected]
7Christian Family Life (Mandarin)Martina Voo[email protected]
8Christian Family Life (English)Anthony Kong[email protected]
9Couples for ChristB.G. Chin[email protected]
10Catholic Nurses' GuildFrancisca Malatin[email protected]
11Environment CommitteeCatherine Wan[email protected]
12Filipino Community (FILCOM)Erma Fernandez[email protected]
13Holy Trinity CommunityMarysia Lawhi[email protected]
14Kolompok Keluarga Katolik Indonesia (K3IKA)Bernadus Boro
15Korean Community
16Legion of Mary (BM)Peter Boly
17Legion of Mary (Chinese Curia)Christopher MC Voo[email protected]
18Legion of Mary (English)Victoria M. Voon[email protected]
19LJCCC (BM)Michael Dony[email protected]
20LJCCC (English)Daniel Kong[email protected]
21LJCCC (Mandarin)Anthony Kong[email protected]
22LJCCC (Royal Ambassador Youth)Aline Lim[email protected]
23Mission Awareness Team (M.A.T.)Doreen Poh[email protected]
24Neo-Catechumenate CommunityEdward Muthu[email protected]
25Parish Family Pastoral NetworkJason Joenoi[email protected]
26Prayer Meeting (BM)George Erus[email protected]
27Prayer Meeting (English) - Bethel Prayer Community
28Prayer Meeting (Mandarin)John Wong[email protected]
29Prison ServiceVincent Rajah
30Senior Parishioners Ministry (Eng)Lina Tseu[email protected]
31Senior Parishioners Ministry (Mandarin)Catherine Yong[email protected]
32Secular Franciscan OrderCatherine Raymond[email protected]
33St. Joseph's Benevolent Fund (SJBF)Michael Chung[email protected]
35Pelayanan Belia EFATAMariana Sinam[email protected]
37Youth - LifelineJoanna Bernadette Chong[email protected]
39Secular Carmelite Order (OCDS)[email protected]

Catechetical Committees

No.CommunitiesCoordinators/LeadersE-mail Addresses
40Apologetics MinistryMatthew Liow[email protected]
41Kids of the KingdomJane Chia[email protected]
42 Ministry to Deaf PeopleGeraldine Chin[email protected]
43RCIA (BM)Richard Angkis[email protected]
44RCIA (English)David Tan[email protected]
45RCIA (Mandarin)Peter Chang
49Sunday Faith Formation Ministry (BM)(PMG)Peter Suking[email protected]
50Sunday Faith Formation Ministry (English)Gregory Matanjun[email protected]
51Sunday Faith Formation Ministry (Mandarin)Catherine Wan[email protected]
52Special Ministry for People with Developmental Disabilities

Liturgical Committees

No.CommunitiesCoordinators/LeadersE-mail Addresses
53Altar ServersIan Jordan R Valintinus[email protected]
54Children's Liturgy (BM)Dominic Linus[email protected]
[email protected]
55Children's Liturgy (English)Laura Lim
56Children's Liturgy (Mandarin)Helen Yee[email protected]
57Choir (BM)Rayner Justin[email protected]
58Choir (English)Nicholas Lee[email protected]
59Choir (Mandarin)Jenny Chong
60Extraordinary Ministers for CommunionDatuk Bernard Liewbernardliew.468[email protected]
61Intercessory MinistryJoseph Singh
62Lectors & CommentatorsDr. Damian Lee
63Para-LiturgySr. M. Cecilia Liew (FSIC)
64Special LiturgyRita Chin[email protected]
65Wardens / Hospitality MinistryPaul Jikiun[email protected]